It's summer time which is the perfect time for road trips and ice cream. And if you want North Dakota's best ice cream, you'll likely need to take a road trip. was kind enough to do the leg work on our behalf to find the best ice cream shop in every state.

You no longer need to do your own trial and error. We have the answer. The best ice cream shop is located 170 miles north of Bismarck and right next to the Canadian border in Bottineau.

Pride Dairy was named the best ice cream shop in North Dakota. It is small, locally owned and they claim to be the 'last small town creamery in North Dakota.'

Pride Dairy was mentioned as the best ice cream spot in North Dakota by USA Today back in 2013 as well thanks to a recommendation from the North Dakota tourism office.

Fortunately if you don't want to make the trip all the way to Bottineau, their products can be found in local grocery stores throughout the state.

It's probably worth making the trip and getting the stuff fresh at least once though.

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