If you want to visit the best ice cream shop in North Dakota, you need to travel about three hours due north.

Thrillist has picked out the 'Best Ice Cream Shops in Each State.' The title for that in North Dakota goes to Pride Dairy, located in the town of Bottineau. The company has been around since 1930 and has not only ice cream, but a variety of products that helped its case in terms of ice cream 'shops.'

The company sells its own butter, cheeses, caramel & honey, syrup & toppings, and their own merch (short for merchandise). You can purchase any of these products at their online store.

That being said, their ice cream is not only sold in what they claim as the only small town creamery left in North Dakota, but it's also distributed throughout the state. You can find the full list at the link here, which also includes several spots in Bismarck and one in Mandan. Although their distribution extends beyond North Dakota to Minnesota and South Dakota, the only Pride Dairy ice cream parlor still resides in Bottineau.

If you're down for a fun road trip for some ice cream, make the trip up to Bottineau and try it for yourself. It's the perfect time of the year for it.

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