When Christmas time comes around we talk a lot about decorations, gifts and cookies, but it's a popular time for candy too.

Back in October, the website Candystore.com brought us the most popular Halloween candies but when it comes to Christmas it's a whole new ballgame.

According to Candystore.com, consumers will spend nearly $2 billion on Christmas candy this year.

The most popular Christmas candy in North Dakota is the classic Chocolate Santa. That's followed by Pez and Reese's Minis.

Other states also enjoy the taste of Chocolate Santas but only in North Dakota is that the most popular. CandyStore.com says 150 million Chocolate Santas are produced annually.

You can check out the map below to see the most popular Christmas candies in every state.


A bigger version of the map and a list is available at CandyStore.com

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