In some small ways, I think it's fair to say we truly learn something new every day.  For me, today's nugget of knowledge is that there are indoor RV parks in existence. And for eight years there was an operating park here in the state called ND Indoor RV Park.

5 million dollar lawsuit against ND Agencies gets RV dumped by US District Judge.

It was a great idea for the Bakken and the land of the man-camps.  In November of 2013, ND Indoor RV Park (NIRP) opened their big roll-up doors in Watford City to welcome pull behind RVs and 5th wheels.  The goal was to provide oil workers and their families year-round housing along with indoor protection for their trailers.

The massive project had 10 insulated buildings and room for 160 RVs.


So for the last eight years or so, the NIRP complex was riding out the highs of the booms and the bottoms of the busts.  NIRP seemed to be doing just fine over in the review section of something called  Common complaints were the operators might have been a little snippy enforcing the 5 MPH speed limit around the complex.


It seems the fire marshal's concerns were spacing violations and fire issues.

The park complained that the imposed changes would cost too much to fix. So NIRP was denied a license to operate in 2021.  So why all of a sudden did "the man" want to start putting the screws to them?  NIRP filed a lawsuit against the state Health Department and the attorney general's office as they oversee the fire marshal.  In sort of a confusing report posted by the Associated Press

 The Bismarck Tribune reported Thursday that U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland dismissed ND Indoor RV Park’s case Monday with prejudice, leaving the door open to future legal action.

I believe "without prejudice" would leave the door open..."with prejudice" intends the court wants the decision to be final.  I guess we'll see what the future holds for this huge complex based on bright ideas.  According to the NIRP Facebook page they are currently offering cold storage for boats, campers, and vehicles.

Makes sense, they have the extra space.

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