I love a good drama, a story that unravels on television that captivates my attention. America has shown that people love true life crime stories - in particular documentaries. One that comes to mind is Making a Murderer - this Netflix exclusive lasted two seasons - based on the case of Steven Avery who spent two decades in prison for a crime he did not commit. The program picks up shortly after he is exonerated, we follow him along as he tries to lead a normal life - without giving away too much of the tension that follows, he finds himself back in jail - this time he is accused of murder. This documentary hooked me in and kept me fascinated the whole way. There is a story that's developing that could be just as riveting.

Mckenzie County back in 1931 made the news for a murder mystery that ended in the last hanging in North Dakota. KFYR TV reports about a book written titled “End of the Rope". The book describes the events surrounding Charles Bannon’s death, who was accused of murdering a family of six. He was eventually the last person in North Dakota to be lynched. It was written by McKenzie County native Dennis Johnson after years of research, and will soon be turned into a movie filmed in McKenzie County. A friend of his had read the book and in return, she reached out to Bismarck film producer Dan Bielinski. The two put their heads together and realized that this is a story that needs to be seen. Everything seems to be perfect for a movie, the jail where Bannon was held is still there, which is pivotal, see this cell was not enough to keep him safe, as a mob dragged him out of there and that's when the lynching happened. Bielinski had this to say “We’ll be casting the leads from larger markets like New York and L.A., but we’ll also be having casting calls in North Dakota. As much as possible, you know we want to keep this a North Dakota based production, and really make it beautiful with the resources, the people that we have here,”

Filming starts next August and will last about a month. If you’d like to be a part of the narrative film or have questions, email danbielinski@yahoo.com. For more on this story click here.


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