There may be work needed to be done at your job, but there are plenty of other things to do, as well.

A new survey of more than 3,900 workers around the country offers some insight into what we do each day on the clock.

While we all have assignments and projects we need to finish, there are lots of distractions to get in our way. Here’s a look at the most typical ways we are veered away from doing what we’ve been hired to do:

  • Chatting with co-workers about non-work related stuff: 34%
  • Internet searches: 22%
  • Loud co-workers: 18%
  • Personal calls or emails: 17%
  • Office drama: 15%
  • Daydreaming: 11%
  • Gossip: 7%
  • Not understanding how to do the work: 4%
  • Watching TV in the break room: 2%

Considering all the distractions, you shouldn’t be too surprised that actually putting your head down and working eight hours is not the norm for everyone. Thirty-eight percent say they spend eight hours working on a daily basis, while 21% say seven hours. A rather lazy 12% claim they only work four hours a day.

While there are a boatload of ways to stray from your work, it seems we like to stray, period. Forty percent of respondents say they get up from their desks at least 10 times each day. Strangely, one time we don’t get up might be the time we should – 39% say they each lunch at their desk each day. Somehow, 15% say they never get up form their desk, which means there are some people who have never heard the expression "bathroom break."

As far as what we wear to work, the most popular attire is business casual, with 43% saying that’s their clothing of choice. Thirty-three percent wear jeans, 21% have to put on a uniform and 4% show off their inner Don Draper by sporting a suit.

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