Will Rick Becker and the Bastiat faction of ND Republicans become the new NPL?

Rest assured, this isn't a story about the Democrat-Non-Partisan League(NPL).

But I did just learn that the NPL used to bat Republican. Here's Wikipedia...

Proposing that the state of North Dakota create its own bank, warehouses, and factories,[4] the League, supported by a populist groundswell, ran its slate as Republican Party candidates in the 1916 elections.

In the gubernatorial election, farmer Lynn Frazier, won with 79% of the vote. In 1917, John Miller Baer won a special election for the United States House of Representatives.

After the 1918 elections, in which the NPL won full control of both houses of the state legislature, the League enacted a significant portion of its platform.

It established state-run agricultural enterprises such as the North Dakota Mill and Elevator, the Bank of North Dakota, and a state-owned railroad

Then there was the Great Depression and the NPL was kicked to the curb.

So they teamed up with then bottom-dwelling Democrats and became the Democratic-Non-Partisan League and started winning back some government seats. Yipes! This did become a column about the NPL!


How about this story I wrote about how only 20 years ago North Dakota's National Legislators were pretty darn blue.  Great story if you want to click on it here.


Fine, this is actually a story about how liberal east coast bias Fargo, North Dakota can't find one Republican candidate to run for available State House and Senate seats. Y'all can't find one person to get beat in an election by a Democrat?

Well, as it turns out the ND Democratic Party across the rest of the state is having a harder time coming up with candidates that want to get their clocks cleaned by Republican candidates.


In short, North Dakota is plumb short of punching bags.

Nobody wants to go out and lobby for voters, speak their minds, raise their platforms, and get whumped in an election. I wouldn't want to either...but I'm not one for politics. Back to the AP story.

Republicans already hold 80 House seats to Democrats’ 14, and have a 40-7 edge in the Senate. All but one Democrat is up for reelection this year, a consequence of legislative redistricting that was required due to population shifts reflected in the 2020 federal census.

Ouch!  But what if the Democrats made a surge in this election cycle?

North Dakota Democrats lack candidates for 15 state House seats and three seats in the state Senate, and Republicans have been unable to recruit candidates for a House seat and Senate seat in the state’s biggest city of Fargo, secretary of state filings show.

So maybe now is the time for an alliance between the Democrats and the Bastiat's? History shows they may have a run at something...or not.

Y'know you have to be in it to win it yes?

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