So, like the majority of the Earth's population I haven't seen one of the films nominated for this years Best Picture category at the Academy Awards.  This will in no way prevent me from providing y'all with 100% locks in the major categories.  I should mention I'm providing this information free of charge- if you choose to use it to fleece a few bucks from the "cinema snobs" in your circle of friends so be it..


Best Picture: Argo.

The Academy snubbed Ben Affleck by not nominating him in the best Director category and the actors that vote will react accordingly.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis

I mentioned I haven't seen any of these movies but I did see "There Will Be Blood".  I'd let him win another Oscar just for that role.

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Sally Field's in this race- nobody want's to hear her Norma Rae "You really like me" speech again.

Best Director:  Steven Spielberg

I've got nothing to add here...other than he's a lock to emancipate another Oscar.

Now if your film freak friends want to go deeper- here's some extra picks for the "Bonus Bucks" round.

Best Supporting Actor:  Rober DeNiro

First nomination in over 20 years. That's what "Meet the Fokkers" gets ya.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway

Hey, she cut her hair right?  That's method acting right there.

Best Documentary: Searching for Sugarman.

That last one is just in case of a tiebreaker.  So there you have it, break your kids piggybank and bet it all.  Here's hoping Oscar host Seth McFarlane has a great opening routine- because after that Zzzzzzzzz.

Mark Davis/Getty Images

Think you can out pick me? There is a comment section- good luck!!