Warner Bros. has released two new clips for their upcoming monsters-vs-robots flick, 'Pacific Rim.' The first clip (above) is an explosive and up-close look at one of the human-piloted giant robots fighting a gigantic alien monster (otherwise known as a Kaiju), and we get to learn what an "elbow rocket" is. Hint: it's pretty fantastic. We also get to see the neural bridge in action, which is when two military pilots' brains are linked through the robot's system, allowing them to coordinate attacks with one another telepathically.

In the second clip, below, we finally get to spend some time with Charlie Day's scientist character, Dr. Newton Geiszler, who approaches Ron Perlman's mysterious Hannibal Chau to acquire a Kaiju brain -- but not just any ol' Kaiju brain. Apparently, the monsters have two of them, and Geiszler isn't too keen on explaining why he needs one. This clip seems to insinuate that Geiszler might not be a totally honest guy.

Directed by Guillermo del Toro, 'Pacific Rim' follows a military effort to use huge robots piloted by soldiers to destroy the giant alien monsters that have arisen from the depths of the sea. The film also stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, and Rinko Kikuchi, and hits theaters on July 12.

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