Honestly, my first thought of an answer to the question I posed on the cover...

..."That's a tough question" There are a ton of stereotypes to consider here...so first of all, I can speak for some experience on both sides of this coin - I am from San Diego, California and I talk to my best friend ( who also lives there ) every weekend, just recently we laughed at what many people from out of state think about North Dakotans. The movie "Fargo" came out back in 1996 and left many people wondering if accents and the ways of life depicted in the film were really accurate - the answer to that was UFF DA.   North Dakota natives were actually quite put off by the EXTRA exaggerated lingo that was delivered A LOT in the movie - Here is a quick video of one minute and eights seconds of what some people assumed North Dakotans were like:

Fandor YouTube

That's right, for the longest time North Dakotans were expected to say "You bet ya" in every conversation

I have now lived out here for almost 9 years, and I think it's ok to say that there are so many misconceptions about who North Dakotans really are - for one thing the saying "North Dakota Nice" is very accurate - In California, you get a flat tire on the freeway you might be waiting for years before someone stops to see if you need any help - Out here you'll have at least 10 people pull over within 10 minutes and half of them will be inviting you over for dinner later.

The face of North Dakota is...

...just look at the cover. That of course is Minot native Josh Duhamel - He literally promotes North Dakota - there is no thick accent to his voice. He loves all the things that embody this State - hunting, the outdoors, supporting local sports, and making appearances - even though is a well-known actor, Josh has that "North Dakota Nice" about him - he even married another ND native - Audra Mari. Bottom line is that I believe people from out of State have more respect for North Dakota, and Duhamel is a big reason why.

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