On June 22, the University of North Dakota unveiled a new logo. A lot of people don't like it.

The University of North Dakota in the last couple of years changed their name from the "Fighting Sioux" to the "Fighting Hawks" as some felt the original name was disrespectful to the Native American community.

Last week, UND unveiled a new logo to go along with the new name and it was not received with the highest esteem.

A petition has been created on Change.org in an attempt to try and get the university to change the logo once again. As of this posting, the petition has just over 3,000 signatures.

The petition states in part:

This petition is about the complete mishandling of creating a new logo the alumni, student body, fans, Sioux and friends can rally behind.  The administration did all of us an injustice by hiring an out of state firm who does not understand who and what North Dakota is about.  It is time to reclaim OUR UNIVERSITY and say we have had enough!!  It is time to demand they listen to us.  If they want us to rally around name that we did not want then give us a logo we can be proud of.

Following last Wednesday's announcement, many expressed their displeasure of the logo on twitter.

Some even said that the logo looks like the USPS logo.

University of North Dakota Interim President Ed Schafer responded to criticism last week by saying, "Its a long term change, it will be a generational change." 

It's unclear if the logo has any chance of undergoing any kind of change in the near future regardless of the criticism and regardless of how many signatures this particular petition happens to get. 

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