Downtown Bismarck is losing another tenant.  According to their Facebook Page, Kept Boutique will be closing up shop by the end of October 2022.

Kept Boutique is located at 216 North 4th Street in downtown Bismarck, North Dakota.  One of their posts on their Facebook page delivered the news on a thread.  They expressed how grateful they were for getting to know all of their customers over the years.

They also wanted to remind all of their customers to use their gift cards by the end of the month so they don't go to waste.

The popular owner Madonna (I don't think she's the singer) is finally ready to retire.  She plans to get back into interior design.
Kept Boutique is currently having a liquidation sale with 50 percent off the entire store (except furniture) now until they close their doors forever.
Speaking of Kept Boutiques's hours, they are only open three days a week.  Including today (Saturday) from 11 am to 4:30 pm, Thursdays from 11 am to 5 pm, and Fridays from 11 am to 5 pm according to the hours on their Facebook page.
I spoke with Kept Boutiques's owner Madonna, and she told me she's been in business in downtown Bismarck for over 5 years now.  She also added the construction downtown this summer sure made it difficult for business owners.  That is something that has been a common theme among the people I've talked to.
We wish Madonna and her staff the best of luck in the future.  Happy retirement.

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