The question of legalizing recreational use of marijuana is set to be on the this year's ballot.

The Fargo Forum reports the supporters of legalization have succeeded in bring the issue to a public vote.

Secretary Al Jaegar said the advocated acqwuired more than enough petition signatures to get the issue on the ballot.

The measure would amend state law to "legalize 'non-violent marijuana related activity' for those over 21, except for selling to minors, and wouldn’t impose limits on the amount somebody could possess or grow."

"People under 21 possessing marijuana and those selling it to minors would be treated as if the substance in question was alcohol."

The law would also create a process to expunge the record of anyone previously convicted of any act legalized by the measure.

The Forum has conducted a poll this week on the question: should North Dakota legalize recreational marijuana? As of Tuesday (8/14/2018) morning, the "yes" votes  outnumber the "no" votes by about an eighty-twenty margin.

[Source Fargo Forum, poll.


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