Currently there are no parking meters in North Dakota because they're illegal. A new bill would change that.

Senator Jessica Unruh put forth Senate Bill 2247 which would lift the ban on parking meters in the state. According to the Grand Forks Herald, the reason for the ban is not related to revenues but Unrugh says parking meters should be up to local control and not dictated by the state.

The Grand Forks Herald also says the reason for the ban on parking meters in the state dates back to a man in 1948 who paid a parking meter but still received a ticket because the meter malfunctioned.

An ensuing petition resulted in banning parking meters statewide. If the ban is lifted, it is not known what cities will decide to implement parking meters if any at all.

Currently the city of Bismarck has parking garages that charge a fee but parking on the street is free.

On a personal note, I used to live just outside New York City. When parking meters don't work or they malfunction, New Yorkers have the right to park at that meter free of charge.

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