A bill proposed in the North Dakota House would reimburse businesses who pay childcare costs for employees.

Under House Bill 1164, introduced by Pamela Anderson (not the actress/model), any corporation that reimburses employees for childcare expenditures is allowed a tax credit for the amount of money the reimburse the employee.

Anderson told MyNDNow that this helps businesses and employees. She says that childcare is a huge workforce issue.

Of course a business that pays childcare expenses would have an easier time recruiting parents to work and if the business could get the money back it is a win-win situation.

However, MyNDNow reports that some argue passing this bill could lead to more reimbursements down the road including the cost of healthcare.

There's no indication that if this passes, it would lead to other similar reimbursement bills. And even if similar bills were proposed in the future, it doesn't mean the bill would pass.


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