Ever wonder what the cost of childcare is in North Dakota compared to other states?

Today, Child Care Aware of America released data showing the percentage of income that is required to raise a child in each state.

We all know that raising a child is not cheap and depending on where you live, things can get really expensive.

In North Dakota, on average, the cost of raising a child will take about seven to 10 percent of your income. This is among the lowest percentages in the country. Obviously this varies based on your paycheck but it also varies depending on if you have multiple kids, and if you have a second household income (from a spouse for example).

A married couple with two children can expect to spend about 15 percent of their paycheck on their two kids.

A married family with two kids who are getting paid right at the poverty line however will spend over 57 percent of their paycheck on their kids.

A single parent with a kid will spend 28.5% of his or her check on her child and a single parent with two kids will spend 55.9% on his or her paycheck on the two children.

For what it's worth, these percentages are based on home-based care. Parents choosing to spend money on daycare centers can expect to spend higher amounts.

Check out the full data at Child Care Aware of America.

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