Raging Rivers Water Park in Mandan has a couple of water slides and a lazy river and that's all fine and dandy.

But with new technology, comes new rides and a German company has created a crazy Ferris Wheel-Water Slide combination and Raging Rivers needs to order one of these things right now.

The crazy contraption can be seen in action in the video below.

According to Sploid, the entire ride is two minutes long, with raft speeds topping out at 25mph and can fit three riders at one time.

The company that makes the contraption,  wiegand.maelzer GmbH, says they have received multiple orders for the ride according to Sploid, but they did not specify who made the orders.

I'm not sure if there's room for this thing at Raging Rivers but I think they need to make room.

If you're curious how things work while riders are inside, the animation in the below video may give you a better idea. The animation also says that four riders can go at a time and 720 people can ride in one hour.

This monstrosity is a big necessity for Mandan, North Dakota. Someone call whoever is in charge and let's make this happen.

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