The newest incarnation of Ratt made its debut Saturday night (July 7) at the Kansas Star Casino in Mulvane, Kan. Vocalist Stephen Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier, the two remaining original members, were joined by guitarists Jordan Ziff and Chris Sanders and reportedly by drummer Pete Holmes.

We say "reportedly" regarding Holmes because the band has not formally announced or confirmed the members of their new lineup. Sleaze Roxx has identified Ziff and Sanders via YouTube footage of the July 7 show, but the video doesn't clearly show who is playing drums. Neither Ziff, Sanders nor Holmes have announced that they have joined the group on their social media accounts - although each are being congratulated on the job by various friends and fans.

The newly configured group's 16-song set - as reported by - featured six tracks from their 1984 debut album Out of the Cellar and another three from the following year's Invasion of Your Privacy.

Watch Ratt's 2018 Lineup Perform "Round and Round"

This new lineup had been predicted earlier in the week by Metal Sludge. They noted that Holmes has often played in Croucier's solo band, but that, since 1981, he's also drummed in Black N' Blue, who came up in the same Los Angeles scene as Ratt. The band, which was also founded by future Kiss guitarist Tommy Thayer, released four albums for Geffen between 1984 and 1988, the last two of which were co-produced by Gene Simmons. Their biggest hit was 1984's "Hold On to 18," which peaked at No. 50 on the Mainstream Rock chart.

Since 2011, Sanders has played with Megadeth's David Ellefson in Knight Fury, and was previously a member of Lizzy Borden. He's also in the current lineup of Britney Fox. Ziff, who plays lead guitar in Scottsdale, Ariz.'s Razer, has also been in Age of Evil and worked with speed metal star Marty Friedman.

Ratt's new lineup comes after considerable speculation that began last month when they announced this new run of dates by mentioning the involvement of only Pearcy and Croucier. There were no references to founding guitarist Warren DeMartini nor longtime guitarist Carlos Cavazo in the press release, and neither has made an official statement on the matter. Former Dokken guitarist George Lynch recently said that he'd been asked to join, but that they couldn't agree on terms.

Drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, who signed on in 2014, confirmed to Eddie Trunk that he was also out of the picture. Meanwhile, erstwhile drummer Bobby Blotzer, who has long been involved in a fight with the others for the right to use the Ratt name, said that he still hopes they can put aside their differences and tour together again.

Ratt July 7, 2018 Set List
1. "Wanted Man"
2. "Dangerous But Worth The Risk"
3. "You Think You're Tough"
4. "Walkin' the Dog"
5. "Way Cool Jr."
6. "In Your Direction"
7. "I'm Insane"
8. "Lack of Communication"
9. "Lay it Down"
10. "You're in Love"
11. "Lovin' You's a Dirty Job"
12. "Slip of the Lip"
13. "Nobody Rides for Free"
14. "Body Talk"
15. "Back for More"
16. "Round and Round"

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