jack taylor GettyImages-956904024
jack taylor GettyImages-956904024

So Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to Marry this weekend and while it's nice to see that matrimony still exists even for the elite in Britan, I personally don't see what the Hoopla is all about. 

Half of My family grew up in Britan and so I grew up in the tradition of the royal family. I saw Princess Diana's wedding and wondered why an idiot like Prince Charles, would leave her for Camilla. Now that I'm older and separated from the gossip that is the royal family I actually laugh at the Hoopla that surrounds them.

Yes, it's interesting that Meghan is an actress on a steamy show called suits and now has to handle the royal duties after half of the world has seen here semi-nude already.  Also the fact that it's her second marriage which is apparently common in Hollyweird. So a lot of the royal "duties" and the royal "image" will almost certainly change in this day and age of Twitter and transparency.

But at the end of the day, hopefully, they have a really good marriage and a great wedding. I just don't see how this affects our day to day life like the press would like it to. Then again, I am a guy though 

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