If you thought Sammy Hagar was going to be insulted because David Lee Roth made him the subject of his latest work of art, think again: Van Halen's second lead singer says he's interesting in buying his predecessor's new cartoon.

"I want to thank my old buddy Dave for considering me interesting enough to be the subject of his fine art hobby," Hagar wrote on Instagram while sharing Roth's latest drawing, called "The Daily Catastrophe." The cartoon features references to Hagar's long-standing "Red Rocker" nickname and his 1984 solo hit "I Can't Drive 55."

Hagar also commented on Roth's original Instagram post: "Dave my old buddy, I would love to buy this piece of fine art. Is it for sale? How much? And where can I see it in person?"

A fan complimented him for responding positively to Roth's artwork, and Hagar said "that's exactly why I posted it. I think it's cool and it's actually good. ... I got no problem with Dave."

Hagar says he was supportive of a proposed Van Halen "kitchen sink" tour, but humorously noted during a recent interview on Eddie Trunk's SiriusXM show that there would be some work involved if he were to share the stage with Roth: "I love the guy, I love the music, but he's just not user friendly. He's always gonna pull something to try to make you look bad and him look good."

Another Instagram user suggested that Roth's new cartoon was a response to those comments, but Hagar disagreed. "I didn't knock him. I was saying that he's a tough guy to work with and believe me, that's the truth," Hagar said. "But he couldn't have painted it that fast. This is too good. There's absolutely no angst from me. I love it."



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