Today, the sun is shining and the wind ain't blowing in Bismarck, North Dakota!  I consider that to be really good.  Now, ask me about North Dakota's climbing COVID-19 case numbers, and our mounting death toll- I'd say not so good.

We’re doing really good in South Dakota. We’re managing COVID-19, but also our economy is thriving

Could be time to grab a pen and write a reality check. I wouldn't dispute the economy is thriving, you expect that pat response from any Governor.  But, in terms of the pandemic, South Dakota is sliding into the surge with the rest of us.

One example is today's week long shutdown of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  The Oglala Sioux Tribes action was certainly not the result of really good conditions. This from The Daily Mail-

The lockdown comes as South Dakota surpassed 9,000 coronavirus cases on Thursday and reported an all-time high of 973 cases and 14 deaths in one day. October has been South Dakota´s deadliest month, with 124 of the 347 deaths.

Granted, Governor Noem did say "really good" on Wednesday evening and that "all-time-high" information didn't come out til Thursday.  So, how could she have seen that coming?

She's been a strong leader in a strong willed state.  North Dakota is equally as strong willed, but I wouldn't accept a statement like that from our Governor.

A thriving economy is crucial to people's prosperity, especially amid this pandemic. But, now that South Dakota, in just the last two weeks, has climbed up to claim the number two position in the country for new infections reported per capita...maybe, really good is bit of a stretch.

Stay safe y'all and enjoy the sunshine!

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