Thursday July 30th we recognize the World Day against Trafficking In Persons  This years theme is working on the front-line to end human trafficking.  Front-line workers are receiving well-earned praise amid the COVID crisis, and there are also "front line" workers struggling mightily in the fight against human trafficking.  They're workers world wide and they're right here in our own back yard.

One of those organizations is the North Dakota Human Trafficking Task Force..Here's what they do-

"The Task Force is a statewide, multidisciplinary collaboration of law enforcement, service providers, and prosecution established to work in a victim-centered manner to prevent, detect, disrupt, and dismantle human trafficking through coordinated, comprehensive services and efficient investigation and prosecution.”

Detect, disrupt, and dismantle- lofty goals.  Every one of us can help in someway.  We can be more mindful of those around us. Be wary of the facial expressions of strangers, especially young and timid females.  For fear of violence or death, persons being trafficked cannot verbally communicate their peril,  But, they may be able to ask for help by "mouthing" a plea and hoping we can read lips. Of course, it's impossible to lip read through a pandemic mask.  Masks have become a real plus for traffickers.  Not only making it more difficult for the victims to communicate, but more difficult to be recognized if they have been reported missing.  Another way the pandemic is playing into trafficker's hands- kids are on computers much more these days. From distance learning to just more stay at home time, more screen time just invites an increase in contact with internet predators.

What can you do to help? If you suspect something- share it or call 911.  If you wish to learn more about the VAST nature of problem- take a peek here.  Just want to make a donation? Easy, do that here.

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