There is a sandwich shop in Bismarck that I frequent quite often and I think they have some of the best sandwiches in town.

But I discovered something the other day that was quite a shock. Let me say, although I will not name the sandwich shop, I feel no ill-will towards it and will continue to go there.

I go to this place usually at least once a week and many times more than that. I always get my sandwich to go. I typically don't have the time to 'dine-in' with all the responsibilities I have at work.

It's a pretty standard procedure. I walk in, I order my food, they make the sandwich, wrap it up, and send me on my way.

They never cut the sandwich in half which has never bothered me. The sandwich isn't that big. I can handle it the way it is. But it only became noticeable to me that the sandwich was never cut in half this week.

I decided to do something a bit differently this week. I went to the sandwich shop and opted to dine in. Incredibly, when they gave me my sandwich (this time in a basket and not in a bag as expected), it was cut in half and it came with chips and a pickle!

Free chips and pickles to dine-in customers but nothing for 'to go' customers? What's the deal with that? Are 'to-go' customers not worthy of chips and pickles? I'm the same person I've always been. Just because I sat at a table inside the sandwich shop this time, I was held to some higher standard of chip-worthiness?

What if I asked for my sandwich for dine-in and then took out a ziploc bag, put the chips and the sandwich in and left? Would that be allowed?

I feel cheated out of about 200 servings of chips. I don't think restaurants should discriminate against 'to-go' customers. It's time we start a hash tag. Whether the order is 'dine-in' or 'to go,' I say #AllOrdersMatter.

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