Could mean a few more presents under the tree or simply less stress with your bills.

I believe the term is "sharing the wealth", and that's exactly what the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation is doing with their members. $1,000 checks are being distributed to each and every member of the Three Affiliated Tribes provided they are 14 years of age or older.  How would you have like to have received a thousand bucks when you were 15 years old?

So why the sudden outpouring of cash? Recipients can thank the forward thinking leaders of the MHA Nation.  With all the great financial gains from the oil and gas industry on the Fort Berthold Reservation, they created an account known as The People's Fund. Meaning that tribal members not only from this generation, but more generations to come, will benefit from the financial success of their nation.

This current distribution is not directly from The People's Fund, but is instead from a resolution approved by the MHA Nation Tribal Business Council...

Resolution No. 20-247-FWF which authorizes a one-time payment of $1,000.00 disbursement to each eligible MHA Nation Tribal member enrolled as of 12/10/2020.  This disbursement, per the Resolution, will be mailed out no later than 12/18/2020 to all members 14 years old and above.  

Enrolled members under the age of 14, will be required to have their legal guardian fill out the December 2020—Resolution No. 20-247-FWF Minor Disbursement Form.

Wait a minute, you get $1,000 if you're an enrolled member under the age of 14? Life is good...and when it is, you share.

Read more about the annual distribution of the People's Fund and the General Distribution Resolution by clicking here.

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