Sure, this would be a great time to start with the "where isn't remote in ND"?  But I'm going to skip the sarcasm, we're North Dakotans, we know the score.

So there's a grassroots group called Project Remote and the boots-on-ground folks searching out these remote areas all across America?  It's a family of three with a love of being in the middle of nowhere.  I have really good friends who share this fascination with nothing.  Me, I'm the guy that like the wind turbines because they break up the ho-hum of the prairie.  But for those that love to be alone- let's find the the loneliest spot in the state.

You'll find it in the middle of the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation.   There's a photo of the writer with his backpack daughter in the remote location- click the link here.  But what is seriously missing is an exact location.  What no latitude/longitude?  He says it took four hours and four miles to hike in and there's no roads within 2.6 miles of the location. No dirt roads- no nothing.

The Project Remote crew came to the state way back in 2013, so someone might have dropped an oil well or two there since then.  Here's their report on the most remote areas in states all across the country. Some of other states remote areas are out on an island. Which got me thinking what about the middle of Lake Sakakawea? Now that you know where the most isolated areas are in America, then like this family, you can now drag your kids to remote places in every state.  They'll love it!

Get Out And See North Dakota!!!

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