This was posted Thursday on The Sports Page's Facebook page.

We will be closing out of respect for the community, employees, and customers for the time being until we can get our staff tested for COVID.  We are taking all precautions we can to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.  Thank you for understanding.

Bob Hixon wrote this in the comments section-

We had an employee test positive. He’s asymptomatic but we want to be extra cautious and get everyone tested before opening back up.

The Sports Page in south Bismarck is to be commended for what seems to be a quick reaction to a difficult situation.  With an increase in testing, Our area has seen a rise in confirmed COVID-19 cases.

While the rise in numbers seems alarming, it can be correlated to an increase in testing among other factors.  It's important to understand, that according to July 8th's COVID report from KXNET, younger people are making up a majority of those currently testing positive. Stating that 58 percent of positive virus tests are people 40 and under.  Of course, this is where being asymptomatic enters the equation.

We'll encounter many more situations like the temporary closing of the Sports Page. These businesses need to be applauded and then patronized as soon as they reopen.

Here's hoping the employee testing goes well for all involved, so the Sports Page can open up soon and we won't miss many Cornhole tournaments on ESPN.  ESPN is getting a little desperate for sports programming.

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