By now, you know who Andy Fales is. He's the Iowa sportscaster who just loves taking shots at the state of North Dakota and, for the second time, the North Dakota State Bison successfully shut him up.

Leading up to NDSU's matchup with Iowa, Fales used his 'What's Bugging Andy?' segment on an Iowa TV station to ask the Bison to 'call off' the game, as he expected it to be fairly one-sided.

Fales had also done this back in 2014 when NDSU faced Iowa State. That year, the Bison ended up beating the Cyclones 34-14. This year, the Bison beat the Hawkeyes 23-21 and Fales, once again, was forced to go on TV with his tail tucked firmly between his legs.

In true 'What's Bugging Andy?' fashion, though, the segment was slathered in sarcasm, with Fales stating that he's been hired as the spokesman for the North Dakota Chamber of Commerce, Progress, and Bringing More People Here. Below is the 'public service announcement' Fales recorded for the state:

Instead of spending the entire segment bashing North Dakota, though, Fales takes a few shots at his home state, stating Iowa fans 'haven't looked that sick since the Rose Bowl earlier this year,' which the Hawkeyes lost to Stanford 45-16.

Fales goes on to state that he now knows the reason why North Dakota is such a 'big, empty state': to make room for head coach Chris Klieman's giant balls, after NDSU went for two during the game.

It should also come as no surprise that Bison fans ruthlessly attacked Fails following their team's victory. Here's what Fails posted on Twitter in response:

Unfortunately, the Bison don't have a game scheduled with Iowa or Iowa State in 2017, though I have a feeling that won't stop Fales from taking a few more shots at North Dakota in the future.

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