Who among us hasn't dreamed of flying the Millennium Falcon or a TIE Fighter high in the sky? While that's not technically possible (yet), that hasn't stopped a devoted bunch of Star Wars car junkies from doing everything they can to get as close to that fantasy as possible. Dubbed the Road Squadron, these custom cars and motorcycles from Star Wars Celebration will make you wish you had one of these sweet rides to call your own.

The vehicles of the Star Wars Universe are some of the most amazing starships science-fiction has ever seen. These cars sure do give the likes of the Star Destroyer and the Corellian Corvette runs for their money. While technically the Hot Wheels/Star Wars Darth Vader collaboration might be considered cheating when it comes to customizing a Star Wars ride, it's still an impressive work of machining and fabrication that would look awesome driving down any street. For my money, the F-150 Raptor is the real draw though, what with the Carbonite Han in the bed lid and the signatures of just about every major Star Wars actor running on the tailgate.

Some of you might be more drawn to the Nissan 350z Roadster developed into it's very own Z-Wing, complete with R2 unit in the back. The interior being completely redesigned to look like a cockpit sure doesn't hurt either. That kind of immersion might get you into more trouble than you're looking for though if you aren't paying attention to the speedometer.

Though it's not actually a car  or street legal for that matter — the speederbike motorcycle is pretty dang amazing. The body actually lifts off the ground to give the impression you're hovering, and there are lights and sounds that give the impression you're firing blasters and weaving through the tall pines of Endor. It's gorgeous, but absolutely impractical. I want one.

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