Coming off a bye and three straight losses, the Bismarck Bucks desperately needed a win. And they got just that.

The Bucks got off to a fast start jumping out to a 21-7 lead by the early part of the second quarter over the Kansas City Phantoms. Two of those touchdowns were hauled in by wide receiving stud Lance Lewis who now has seven touchdowns in six games.

"On offense we’re gelling," head coach Rich Davis said after the game. "We look like a real offense. We sputtered a couple drives down here in the 4th quarter. Our intensity went down a little bit. I was kind of disappointed about that. But overall, great ballgame… we needed the win… glad to get it."

Davis also said that this game was the most complete game the team has played by far.

"You know we played well on both sides of the ball tonight," Davis said. "I was really proud of the defense… Only gave up 27 points because of that crazy kickoff before half. And to be honest with you were were just a smidgen from not giving up the 27… it could have been 21 there. We made a mistake to give up one."

The crazy kickoff Davis was referring to was indeed crazy. Near the end of the first half, after Lewis hauled in yet another touchdown grab, on the ensuing kickoff, the ball hit off the leg of a Phantoms player and bounced back towards the end zone that the Bucks were kicking off from.

The Phantoms were able to bounce on top of the ball in the endzone for a touchdown.

Things got chippy at the bottom of that pile leading to an eventual bench clearing brawl.


Multiple penalties were assessed but they all offset each other.

Eventually the Bucks went on to win the game 51-35. It was a big win coming off the bye and the first Bucks win at home. The bye allowed players, like wide receiver Elby Pope to get healthy. Unfortunately, the Bucks suffered more injuries on Saturday night.

"Bye week was huge," David said. "You know I’m worried. We got a couple of other injuries. A few guys nicked up. Got to see what the doctors say. You know we’ve got a short week. We play Thursday night against an Omaha team if we can play well."

Brendan Daley left the game unable to walk off the field under his own power.


Apparently, Lance Lewis also was injured in the game.

"Lance took a nick there in the shoulder. We’re a little worried about that. Daley strained his hamstring. hopefully that thing comes right back with no problems. But we’re gonna have to see the docs on both," Davis said.

The Bucks will play the Omaha Beef on Thursday night. After playing following a bye week, Bismarck now needs to deal with playing on a short week.

"It’s a new challenge," Davis said. "We’ll bounce right back. At least we don’t have to travel. You know Omaha is playing tonight, right now as well. But they have to turn around and travel up here. That’s where North Dakota helps us you know. Come up here to the frozen tundra. I hope our fans turn out Thursday night because that’s gonna be a really tough trip for them."

Davis emphasized how much he wants the fans to show up Thursday night.

"We need our crowd out here man. I don’t think Bismarck understands how much they help us if they turn out. This is a great building. Great crowd man. If we can get everybody out here Thursday night, I think they’re gonna see a show."

Omaha beat Western Michigan tonight 30-28.

The Bucks and Beef square off on Thursday, April 21 at 7pm at the Bismarck Event Center.

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