Stevie Nicks may not have taken part in the recently released Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie album like the rest of her Fleetwood Mac bandmates, but she does have a new song out.

"Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go" is from the upcoming movie The Book of Henry starring Naomi Watts and Sarah Silverman. You can listen to it above.

Colin Trevorrow, known for 2012's Safety Not Guaranteed, directed the film, which will be in theaters Friday. It revolves around a boy who plots a way to rescue a young girl from her abusive father.

The song was written for the film by Ryan Miller, one of the singers and songwriters in the band Guster, with Nicks in mind. Her voice is immediately recognizable in the track, which includes a 100-piece orchestra on the outro that was recorded at London's Abbey Road studios.

Miller recently gushed about having Nicks sing his song on Guster's Facebook page. "I'm not really sure how to tell this story, so let's start by not burying the lede: STEVIE NICKS SANG A SONG I WROTE AND IT HAS BEEN ONE OF THE GREATEST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE," he wrote. "It's sort of a windy tale, so here's a bullet-point version if you want it! Strap in! 1) My buddy Colin Trevorrow asked me to write a song for Naomi Watts to sing in his movie The Book of Henry (which she does, twice!) 2) I recorded a version of the song for the end credits with Thomas Bartlett 3) Colin asks who I think should sing it -  'Stevie Nicks, der.' 4) 24 hours later: 'Stevie is in.'"

Nicks' solo touring schedule prevented her from working on Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie's album, but she will join them, and the rest of Fleetwood Mac, at the Classic East and West shows in New York and Los Angeles next month.

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