Sting joined pop stars Bruno Mars and Rihanna to perform a reggae-themed medley in honor of Bob Marley at the 2013 Grammy Awards telecast.

The former Police leader wandered into the proceedings somewhere near the start of the temporary supergroup's performance of Mars' hit 'Locked Out of Heaven.' The unlikely collective next segued into 'Walking on the Moon,' from the 1979 Police album 'Reggatta de Blanc.'

Then they wrapped things up with Marley's 'Could You Be Loved,' complete with an extremely mediocre rap from the reggae legend's son Damien.

Look... it's been almost two years now since we launched, and we work really hard to stay professional. But I had a roommate who played 'Jammin'' 4,389 times during my freshman year of college, and ever since then the reggae beat hits me like I imagine a cat feels when you brush their hair backwards.

So, just this one time, if you're looking for someone to tell you how good this all sounded you might want to try our friends over at Starcrush.

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