When it comes to designing the inside of your home, there's a whole lot of choices. But people in each state seem to have similar tastes as each other.

A new study conducted by JoyBird which is a customer furniture company looked at Google data to see which interior design trends are searched for the most in each state.

The country as a whole seemed to prefer 'Victorian' designs inside their homes the most. That search term reigned supreme in 10 states.

Other interior design styles that were searched were Bohemian, Contemporary, Industrial, Shabby Chic, Traditional, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Transitional, Western, Coastal, Modern Farmhouse, and Vintage.

This will help you the next time your friend asks you to name 13 different kinds of 'interior designs.' Never get stumped again!

Anyway, the second most popular interior design trend in the country, earning the top spot in nine states was Bohemian. North Dakota was one of the nine states most fond of the Bohemian style.

If you are wondering what a Bohemian style is, there's a good description here from the website HomeEdit. HomeEdit states on its website:

Someone or something that has a Bohemian style typically evokes a picture of travelers, hippies, artists, gypsies, and other “free spirits.” Individuality is expressed, which means the style is as diverse as the individuals themselves.

And if you're wondering if 'Bohemia' is a place… it is. It's a region of the Czech Republic.

Now that we have this fun fact established, let us celebrate with a song.

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