A Scottish Band en route to do a show in Minneapolis left one of their band members behind in a North Dakota bathroom.

The Star Tribune reports that the band Belle & Sebastian went to a gas station and left one of their band members behind as he went to the bathroom.

It wasn't a prank. They just happened to forget about him. A representative for the label's band told the Star Tribune, "He was left at a service station; that’s all I know."

One of the band members, Stuart Murdoch, tweeted about the fact that they left their drummer in a bathroom.

In a subsequent tweet, Murdoch said that the drummer was being driven to the airport in Bismarck and was on a flight to Minneapolis to perform the show.

Belle & Sebastian has 7 people in their band in addition to other crew members that travel with them so it isn't that hard to believe that they left someone behind.

Murdoch gave a more detailed account of how this all went down to The Current. Murdoch says the drummer was left behind in his pajamas at a Walmart in Dickinson. The drummer was forced to check himself into a hotel before finally hopping on a plane the next day.

Over the last couple of years, the relationship between celebrities, North Dakota, and bathrooms has been tumultuous. Last summer, Carson Wentz got stuck in a bathroom in New Jersey.

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