The 76th Annual Sturgis Rally is going on right now with today (Monday 8/8) being the official first day of the rally. If you thought it was too late to ride over, the officials at the rally say "come over".

After last years 75th anniversary of the rally, the crowds this year are light and even at this late date, there are plenty of hotel rooms and very reasonable prices. Even Airbnb has guests homes offering rooms for as low as $60 per night. has an over abundance of rooms at less than $150 a night through the weekend. For those of you familiar with Sturgis, rooms rate range from $200 upward! Normally at this late date, hotels are booked solid and guest rooms can be as much as $150 per night.


For a list of activities and concerts click here.

After last years celebration for the 75th anniversary, this years crowds are much lighter for the little town that becomes the largest city in South Dakota during rally.

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