STURGIS! I like to call it the Mardi Gras for motorcycles and it is weeks away.

Sturgis week is August 4th through August 10th, and that's a little more than two weeks way from the date of this publish which means now is the time to check your motorcycle.

Sturgis week is the time of year where merchants and private individuals make their money. And if you have a mechanical breakdown during Sturgis week, this means you'll pay and pay royally. A simple flat tire can cost you somewhere between $150-$250 locally. If you need a tire during bike week, you'll pay close to $400!

Now is the time to get your bike checked from a qualified mechanic. Your check list can include-

  • tires
  • fluids
  • chain
  • brakes
  • plugs
  • lights and turn signals

The worst is to have a breakdown on the side of the road going to or from Sturgis. Just about any route from Bismarck takes you through miles of little or no population. Depending on the route you take, some areas don't have cell service.

It is best to check these areas on your bike and ride your bike weeks prior to leaving for Sturgis. If you notice an issue, you'll have time to get it into your local repair facility for a repair. Then after the repair, ride it more. to double check and make sure you'll have piece of mind during your trip.

Hotels are booked, but still, a few hotels have vacancies. You can check A word of advice, for the last 6 years, I've used AirBnB , you'll find the room you need at a price that is 70% less than staying at a hotel. Many of the hosts offer breakfast, snacks, afternoon drinks, covered parking, private entrances and personal living spaces. I have never paid more than $70 a night and I have stayed in some remarkable homes with great hosts.

A little time and money now, will save you a lot of money later.

Here is the official website for Sturgis.

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