Not every teenager in North Dakota is on their phone texting or spending hours on social media

One such 13-year-old girl in Dickinson is spending her time and talents making good use of it, strike that, she's making profitable use of it by doing what she loves. That to me is the key to life, doing what you LOVE to do as a profession, and McKenna Kjorness is off to a fantastic start.

Like most teenagers her age she is pretty active in school and hobbies

However, McKenna is NOT like most kids her age when it comes to poise and determination, you see she has honed in on an art form that people usually just pick up for fun, this bright student is making it a career. According to she is a self-taught crocheter, and a TikTok video inspired her about two years ago.

Just to fill you in a little bit about her progress since she first got hooked from the video...

..."McKenna Kjorness, has built her own small business crocheting handmade custom orders, with dreams of becoming a millionaire. From buzzing bees, sunny side up eggs and dill pickles to wearable pieces like hats and cardigans, there seems to be no limit to what she can create" The most charming thing about McKenna is that she really cares about her work and her reward comes from making her customers so happy - “I just really like when I send somebody a picture of what they ordered and they are like oh my gosh I love it…” added.

Here is how you can get a hold of her

Tik Tok and Instagram accounts @kennascrochetkrafts or by email at


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