A North Dakota treasure, Lake Metigoshe is set to host another year of the Lando LIVE Music Festival. 

This time around, the music festival is going to be going after both country and rock music fans.  Lando LIVE's new slogan is "North Dakota's Rock and Country Music Festival".

This year's Lando LIVE Music Festival will be competing with ND Country Fest.

The dates are basically the same.  July 6th to July 8th. ND Country Fest begins a day early on July 5th and will run through July 8th as well.

So, who is coming to the Lando LIVE Music Festival this year?

On the country music side, the headliners will be Russell Dickerson and Jerrod Niemann.

Secondary acts include Silver Warehouse, Lassos & Lace, The Hype Band, The Jenson Sisters, Wild Horses, Jessie Campbell Band, and Zach Thomas.

On the rock side, the headliners will be Puddle of Mudd and Bowling for Soup.

I for one am kind of surprised Lando LIVE Music Festival would try to go directly up against ND Country Fest, I'm ok with it though, the more the merrier I say. What a blend of country and rock music for a variety of concertgoers, and when you bring everything together at a scenic place like Lake Metigoshe, how can you lose?

Puddle of Mudd and Bowling for Soup bring some rock and a pinch of punk music...

...such as Blurry and Psycho and who can forget Punk Rock 101. I'm all about branching out and checking out concerts in the heat of the summer. For more information on the Lando LIVE Music Festival, you can go here.

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