Have you ever been on a road trip with no rest stops for hours? You can hold it. Sure you can.

You got this...but once nature calls and sometimes, it just starts coming out.

It's actually- your baby on the way and its delivery time!

I suspect very few of us have experienced something as extraordinary as all that. Well five months ago, Lacey Wojahn from Golva, ND was on her way to her doctor at Saint Alexius because her water had broken at midnight. Seems Golva is about two hours and a half hours away from Bismarck.

After being on the road for hours, Mom gives birth outside Bismarck hospital.

My girl Brenda shared this KFYR-TV story with me just a few minutes ago and I figured I'd share it with you and applaud Jody Kerzman for so joyfully presenting it to us. The journey begins in Golva, North Dakota.


It ends outside a hospital in Bismarck North Dakota.  Again, this from KFYR-TV

Labor and Delivery Nurse Chasidey Johnson was waiting for the couple at door 17.

“I ran out to the car and I had crocs on. The door that we were at locks, and so, I threw my shoe in the door hoping that we could get back in,” recalled Johnson. “When I got out to the vehicle, you could already see that she was starting crown so I was like, ‘Well, I guess push.’”

See what Baby Lula and Superhero Chasidey looked like taking a picture today!

I bet Jody had fun filing that story. Made me smile to share it.


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