During Buggies N' Blues there's always rope strung up to keep the people that are there to see the cars away from the people that are displaying their cars.

Every year, at one time or another, I hop over that rope to get a closer look and chat with the owners.

In 2020 I promise not to do that! I pinky swear!

Thankfully, rather than cancel the 2020 edition of Buggies N' Blues, it was moved from June to it's new dates August 14-15. Unusual that the rescheduled dates are a Friday and Saturday versus the traditional Saturday/Sunday set up. Might just take away the objections some folks have about doing anything on a Sunday. So now you still have Sunday to lounge around.

Buggies N' Blues works in conjunction with regional car clubs to pull off one of the great vehicle displays in the upper Midwest.  So their success is dependent upon the cooperation of the clubs.  Well, getting the clubs overwhelming support is a little trickier in the age of COVID-19.

So this week the Mandan Progress Organization will be having conversations with Custer Health regarding guidelines for the event. MPO will also be reaching out to the car clubs and sharing what they've learned.

I'm not here to shame clubs or individuals that don't yet feel comfortable gathering together.  It is 100% your choice to decide how far you want to participate in the smart restart.

I just want it to be known that I've loved attending Buggies N' Blues since I arrived here in 2001. Of course that was the year everything WAS DESTROYED BY HAIL!!!  So I look forward to Main Street Mandan being filled with hundreds of classic cars and trucks.

But if you can't make it- we understand.

I'll be there- once I get the Cool car off the curb.  How do I keep doing that?


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