Business Insider released the best food from every state, and just from the title, you will quickly notice our conversation will take a hard turn, because the food listed is not what I would expect to be listed for our great state.

What one food item do you think of when someone mentions the best food item from North Dakota? Let's go through a small list. A Bison Burger? Walleye? Knoephla Soup?

The nice thing about our country is the more you travel there are food items that are only available in that region. You could call it regional food.

The best food in New York will not even be close to the best food item in North Dakota.

According to Business Insider, the best food item in NoDak is from Carol Widman's Candy Company in Fargo. (I told you we'd take a hard left) BI said the best food item is Chipper's. Apparently, Widman's made the chocolate covered potato chip popular!

I must admit, when someone mentions a food item, I do not think about a piece of candy. And is the chocolate covered potato chip a candy or a potato chip? Regardless, I don't think of this item as food! When I think of food, I think of pizza, burgers or chicken. I digress!

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