A picture from the Badlands is this week's COOL Photo of the Week!

At least we're pretty sure. Chris didn't say. But for us, we're pretty sure that place looks quite familiar! So familiar, that one publication once called that spot the most picturesque place to get engaged in North Dakota!

Chris Feller
Chris Feller

That is the River Bend Overlook in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.... again... we're pretty sure. Chris did not specify.

But regardless, it is a very COOL photo that could be used in a brochure. So with that, Chris gets a platter of Subway subs good for him and 11 of his friends.

Chuck and Heather Fowler's submission of a picture from The Badlands was an incredibly close second place. You can see that photo and all of the other submissions from this week in the photo gallery above.

Last week we admitted that we felt sun dogs were pretty boring. People still chose to submit pictures of the phenomenon anyway... But hey, you never know! A picture of sun dogs could win one of these days.

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