Sooner or later, we'll be able to place the 'gone fishin' sign on the door and life out our golden years taking it easy.

Retirement is starting to look better and better everyday for all of us.

Stacker recently published the best place to retire in every state. They reviewed several factors from every state including the population of residents 65+, crime rates, weather, housing costs, healthcare and other amenities that are appealing to the senior crowd.

According to Stacker, the average worker retires at or by the age of 63.

Some of the top destination to retire in other states include-

  • Minnesota- Edina
  • Montana- Lewistown
  • South Dakota- Madison
  • Iowa- Algona

For The Peace Garden State, top honors goes to Valley City. Here is the score card for Valley City according to Stacker-

Population: 6,615
Overall Grade: B+
Cost of living grade: A
Diversity grade: B-
Crime & safety grade: B-
Outdoor activities grade: D (after all, we do have winter)


You can see the complete list here.


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