Kraft Foods once again is looking for America's Most Passionate Hockey Town.

Here in Bismarck we sure love hockey whether it is our local high school athletes, UND hockey, or the Minnesota Wild.

You can nominate Bismarck to be named 'Hockeyville USA' and if the city receives the honor we'll get two amazing awards.

  1. Bismarck will host an NHL preseason hockey game
  2. A Bismarck hockey rink will receive $150,000 to use for rink upgrades

That second point is super important. You can't just nominate a city to be Hockeyville, USA. You need to nominate a rink as well. You can add any rink in Bismarck you would like but the two default rinks on the Kraft Hockeyville Website are the VFW Center as well as Schaumberg Arena.

The VFW Center is the home of our Bismarck Bobcats and that rink can probably use some enhancements.

To nominate the VFW Center, just to go Where it says 'Find my rink' select 'ND' from the dropdown menu and then put 'Bismarck' in the search box. Then click the magnifying glass.

Click on the VFW Center and then click 'nominate.' You will then be required to enter some information like your name and email address and then they will ask you to write a story explaining why Bismarck should be named Hockeyville USA.

Explain our community's passion for hockey and then click submit! If we can get enough support behind this, two NHL teams will play a game right in our own backyard!

Of course, if you are passionate about another city in North Dakota (like Mandan) and want another arena to get the $150,000 for upgrades, you don't have to nominate the VFW Center. You can nominate any city and rink you'd like.

Nominations end on March 10th so we need to act quickly.

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