Something about the Midwest, we love our booze. Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota rank high in a new national study released last week.

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), the Midwest states rank high in binge drinking and heavy drinkers.  This study concentrated on the use of alcohol in adults over the age of 21 and was made public in the American Journal of Public Health.

This study also found that women are binge drinking at a higher rate than men. A whopping 30.6% of residents did admit to binging. The male numbers rose by 10% compared to a 22.5% for women from 2002 through 2012. The study also defined binge drinking and heavy drinking.

"Binge drinking is commonly associated with a higher risk for serious bodily harm, such as injuries, alcohol poisoning and acute organ damage. Heavy drinking is considered a risk factor for longer-term conditions, such as liver cirrhosis and cardiovascular disease.

Among the counties with the highest rate of binge drinking in the country, NoDak has 4 counties in the top 10. (both male and female)

  • Renville
  • Steele
  • Nelson
  • Burke

Counties with highest rates of heavy drinking, NoDak has 2 counties in the top 10. (both male and female)

  • Sioux
  • Rolette

You can get the complete report here.

Do these numbers surprise you?

Matt Curdy/Getty
Matt Curdy/Getty


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