As the summer comes to an end so does another edition of the great Cooler grab. 

It was a fun summer filled with all different types of surprises ... Pheasant feet, roadkill and really cool prizes like the Shinerbock fire pit, Butcher Block meats gift certificates, Miller lite Coors light Coolers ...and of course the Yeti Coolers from Scheels.  here are the final winners for this week:

Paul Bismarck - Butcher Block meats 

John Bismarck -Butcher Block meats 

Alice Bismarck -Dickeys gift certificate 

Chris Bismarck - David Crosby tickets 

Bill Menoken- Butcher Block meats 

Chris Napolean- Starving Rooster Gift card 

Brandon Bismarck- Butcher block meats 

Eddie Bismarck - Butcher Block meats 

Young Bismarck - Yeti Cooler Scheels 

Randy Bismarck -Shiner bock fire pit 

Darren Bismarck - Butcher Block meats 

Dan Bismarck - 3 doors down tickets 

Jaden Bismarck - Dickeys gift cert 

Morgan Bismarck - Dickeys gift certificate 

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