I saw something this Sunday morning that I felt needed to be said. 

I was coming out of Corpus Christie Church this Sunday morning and I saw a disturbing sight. It was a mother and 2 children one about 4 years old and another about 10ish begging for money right outside the church.

After doing my part, I got to thinking what kind of city allows this to happen or is it pretty common here?

I can understand the vagrant with a drug problem or alcohol problem ( even those guys/girls need help too), But a Mother and two children?  I don't believe we live in a third world country, and coming from New York and seeing ghettos like Brownsville Brooklyn and The South Bronx, I never saw a sight like I did on Sunday.  The Mother was very poor and the children just wanted to eat and we live in a country that has programs for that.

I found an organization that helps people in North Dakota so if you would like to help and donate to a good cause  here's a pretty good resource:

Hopefully, we can end this problem, for the Kids at least.


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