Sometimes you have that an occasion where you want to shell out some major bucks to impress someone or for a special occasion. Even though most people are opting for home-cooked, sit down, family meals.

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The Daily Meal recently conducted a search to find the most expensive restaurant in every state. This was based on several factors and the search resulted in some fine dining establishments in every state.

If someone asked you to name the most expensive restaurant in North Dakota, what would your answer be? Would you think this fine dining establishment is in Fargo? Or maybe Grand Forks?

You would be incorrect, as the most expensive restaurant would be here in Bismarck. 40 Seafood and Steak would be the crown jewel in the state. $0 features a nice and elegant atmosphere and from the reports I hear, the food is very good. According to the Daily Meal, dry-aged special steaks will set you back $40, the New York strip is a cool $34, and the Junior Cut and King Cut cowboy rib-eyes will pent a  $40 and $65 dent in your budget.

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