Today, June 3, is National Doughnut Day. This is a big deal. Because… you know… doughnuts.

But that begs the question… where is the best place to get doughnuts in North Dakota? According to, the answer is Sandy's Doughnuts in Fargo.

Of course if North Dakota had a Dunkin Donuts somewhere, we could get free doughnuts today with the purchase of a drink. But alas, we have no Dunkin Donuts.

Last year, Bearscat Bakery in Bismarck had free doughnuts to celebrate. This year they have confirmed to me that they will not be giving away free doughnuts.

But that's OK. These are legitimate businesses with hard-working people who need to earn a living. So I am totally cool with splurging a bit for a doughnut today. There's no better excuse than National Doughnut Day to have a doughnut!

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