Uber has been available in Fargo since 2015 and available in Bismarck since early in 2017.

So where is the most popular Uber destination in North Dakota? Fortunately USA Today has that answer providing the most popular Uber destinations in each state.

Since Fargo has had Uber for two more years than Bismarck, it likely won't shock you that the most popular Uber destination is located in Fargo.

However, the location may surprise you. You might think the largest venues such as the Fargodome or Scheel's Arena would be the most popular destination to take an Uber. Plus at those venues, a lot of drinking takes place.

However, that is not the case. It's likely because those two venues don't necessarily have events taking place in them all that often. If it isn't football or hockey season, and there isn't a concert, nobody is going there.

The most popular Uber destination in North Dakota is actually the Windbreak Saloon in Fargo. The Windbreak Saloon is an entertainment venue that hosts live music nearly every weekend. Of course people drink there too and with the amount of events that take place, it makes sense that The Windbreak Saloon is the most Uber'd destination in the state.

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