This will give anyone who uses Uber pause.

Police in Avalon, NJ have arrested Uber driver Nayal Salem, 57, after he touched himself while sitting in the backseat with a woman he drove from Sea Isle City, NJ to Avalon. Salem has also been fired from Uber.

After Salem, who lives in Philadelphia arrived at the woman's home during the recent trip, he got in the backseat and fondled himself. At least part of the incident was captured on camera (note some of the NSFW language and graphic cpntent). The woman involved could not open the doors to leave.

Salem can be heard saying, "I love your body, my god I love your body. Your body is beautiful." He steps out of the car and says, "Have a good night. Call me, alright?"

Eventually, the woman, who clearly resists his advances, was able to exit the car.

Salem has been charged with charged lewdness, false imprisonment and harassment.

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